Defining peace: What does peace mean to you?

What does peace mean to you? This is the guiding question of this new moon and season change. As I think of what peace means to me, images conjure up like a painting awaiting completion. I’ll describe it to you.

And as I do so, consider what peace means to you.

  • What shapes does it create?
  • What images come to mind?
  • What feelings are associated with it?
  • What emotions conjure up?

Use these prompts to reflect and define what peace means to you.

Resting, spread out in every possible direction, like a starfish on its home, embracing the totality of space and breath at this moment.

I soon awaken, floating and feeling all in my path. There is a joyous light-heartedness as I move one limb in at a time; as I turn over in my bed, peeling one shoulder up, then the next.

Soon I am erect, gently pressing one foot against the ground, then the other. I take a deep breath of fresh air; it fills my lungs with a golden light faintly scented of ease (vanilla) and prosperity (frankincense).

I stand and open the window to embrace the outdoors. There is a deep forest lusciousness that caresses my body, gently parading down my spine, through my toes, and out again to nourish those around me.

“I am here. I am now.” The presence of this mantra fills the space within my lungs, cells, and atoms. I am reminded that all is indeed well.

I gently walk towards the door, capturing each moment, each scent along the way. I am reminded that peace is everywhere, that peace is me.

I stretch out my hand to grab the doorknob. I open up to see more space where I am invited to be me. I am reminded of the peace in present expression, the peace rooted in spaciousness, the peace in the constant vibrations of my energy and surroundings.

Once again, I find myself in this moment, where I am floating, sensing, and being without a need to intend or do or desire or think or hesitate.

So, what does peace mean to me? How does it take shape?

Peace is the presence of being, the ability to do and be and say in the moment however needed. Peace is the smell of fresh air in the morning.

Peace is gazing up at the stars at night. Peace is the breath between one asana and the next. Peace is the flow of oxygen in and out of my being — that which keeps me alive.

Peace is the spaciousness that I find not only is me but lives inside and out. Peace is knowing that I can command and create and disassemble at will.

Peace knows no bounds, just as love is all-pervasive. The omnipresence of existence rests in the truth of peace found in all creation, all spaces, and all ways.

Peace to me is breath and life. Peace to me is flow. Peace to me feels like I’m floating, even in all tasks. Peace to me looks like living in my truth — saying, doing, and being how is right for me in the now.

Peace looks like golden light meshing with the energy of earth’s foresty green, dancing through the shadows to light the way to truth. Peace is where you allow yourself to be and see it. Peace is within even when you don’t feel it.

So, define what it means, feels like, and looks like to you. And invite it in each morning on your first conscious inhale. Let it be you, surround you, and fill you.


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Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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Nayo Shell

Nayo Shell

Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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