If Nothing Else, Be Grateful for Yourself

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2020 has been a year, and we’re only halfway through (whew).

Climate change, environmental destruction, the devastating effects of COVID-19, the fight to uproot systematic racism, and much more have led to restlessness, emotional fluctuation, physical exhaustion, and mental fog as just a few of the wide-ranging feelings many are experiencing around the world. Right now it can be extremely difficult to find anything to be grateful for, let alone joyful about.

Yet, in the midst of evolution and progressive revolution, I’m here to remind you that finding something to be grateful for on a daily basis is possible. Many of us have suffered loss that we could’ve never imagined, so taking time to grieve your circumstances is more than okay. While you are processing life around you and within you, I encourage you to consider sending yourself gratitude even if the times feel unworthy of it.

Often times we overlook the “basics” of life — breathing, cell regeneration, limbs, movement, blood flow, heartbeats, feelings, intuitive nudges, thoughts, actions, the ability to create, and so much more.

Too often we don’t take the time to send thanks to our bodies for keeping us alive, for keeping us out of danger, for operating automatically to process nourishment, for bringing in oxygen, for regulating hormones or any of the other countless processes our bodies can do. Functionality varies from person to person, however, whatever it is that you can do, however you do feel, whatever you are thinking of, however your body is keeping you alive, that is what deserves gratitude.

Just as you are alive reading this, so are the cells and atoms that make you who you are. Even the space between your atoms are filled with conscious awareness in which you can command. Weird to think of, but, important to realize that even sending yourself and your body gratitude on a daily basis can aid in reshaping your life for the best.

Let me break this down:

  1. Your cells vibrate with you. They absorb what you bring in and radiate light, energy, and all the like. Sending yourself a few feel-good thoughts each day can raise the vibrations of your cells with thought alone.
  2. We’re 70% water like the planet. (Coincidence? I think not!) Just like in Dr. Emoto’s experiment where one water jug was spoken to with loving language and the other, hatred, your cells can react the same way to similar types of self-talk and other forms of stimuli. The result of Dr. Emoto's experiment shows 2 different crystalline structures of the water molecules — the one fed loving messages, sacred geometric shapes, and the one fed hatred, distorted chaos. So think about how you speak to yourself now. Is there room to send some gratitude to yourself? (trick question because the answer is always yes) :).
  3. Feelings & emotions. All are different but serve vital purposes. First I’ll say this, you’re a human being so feeling feelings or emotions doesn’t make you any less of a person. In fact, it makes you a person. Go figure right. Don’t let society, your circle, or anyone else tell you otherwise. In truth, feelings and emotions are energy moving throughout the body. And this thing that we do called avoidance and suppression of emotions literally traps energy within your body until YOU allow it to run its course and leave. Feelings and emotions serve other purposes such as alarming you to threats or things/people/places you should avoid or gravitate to (aka your intuition and gut response), serves as an avenue for expression and creation, and serves as a communicator letting you know what may need attention now. Sometimes they show up then leave, requiring no action, attachment, or response from you. Feelings and emotions can take time to learn and process in a constructive manner. There’s no need to feel shame about a feeling or emotion, you can learn to control them in a positive way, and you can learn how to channel this energy for a greater and higher purpose. Extend yourself some grace as you learn and grow and send yourself gratitude for having feelings and emotions that can serve you in so many ways!
  4. Thoughts. I left this one last as often we don’t realize that our thoughts are the creative energy/power/force that actively shapes our reality, that actively aligns us with the vibrations we are focusing on, and that actively influences feelings and actions. You use your thoughts for countless things. Whether your thoughts are based in love, fear, or are neutral, be mindful of how you think to yourself. I always recommend starting with your thoughts to uncover what wants to be seen. So start with using your thoughts to send gratitude to the yourself and others. Check out this podcast episode that dives deeper into the power thought.

Suggested gratitude messages to send to yourself

Here are a few simple gratitude messages I send to my body and entire self on a daily basis. You can use these for yourself if they resonate with you, or create gratitude mantras that best fit your needs or desires.

To add, I send myself gratitude messages each morning upon awakening. It helps to orient myself before I set my attention on anything else and only takes a few seconds to minutes.

  • I am grateful for my lungs that breathe in oxygen and keep me alive.
  • I am grateful for my cells that process nutrients, regenerate, and keep me alive.
  • I am grateful for my limbs that support my daily activities.
  • Thank you fingers and toes for helping me balance, grab, and be.
  • I am grateful for my brain that helps me be creative and logical.
  • Thank you heart for sending and receiving blood.
  • Thank you organs for functioning to keep me alive.
  • Thank you blood for flowing.
  • I am grateful for feelings and how they help me tune into myself and my surroundings.
  • I am grateful for my thoughts and how powerful they are.
  • I am grateful for my energy and I fill it with peace.
  • I am grateful for my higher self that guides and supports me in each moment.

Thank you for being here. Namaste and God bless.




Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore: https://linktr.ee/ecowellco

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Nayo Shell

Nayo Shell

Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore: https://linktr.ee/ecowellco

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