Meditation can actually change your life

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Meditation can be a truly transformational practice especially once practiced daily. For some, its life-altering effects may happen instantly. And for others, consistently meditating for a few minutes a day or even throughout the day is what is needed.

Regardless of where you are in life, what you’re going through, and how you feel about yourself or circumstances, meditating will lead to profound changes.

Meditation is a place where you can come fully into your role of being the observer, the master, the co-creator, and the one who is not attached to any of one thought, feeling, emotion, ideal, or perspective that you may experience.

Meditation brings you to the awareness that you are not your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perspectives that you believe to be you at this moment. Meditation helps you to finally step away from being trapped in the body and the mind, liberating you from their confines.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings — these are all very strong energetic frequencies. It’s easy to get caught up in the constant movement of these energies. They are deeply captivating and often constricting, making us feel as if we have no choice but to act on them the moment they arise.

When allowed, these energies can dictate your mood, what you do, what you don’t do, what you say, what you don’t say, and how you identify. It is easy to allow these emotions, feelings, and thoughts to be the master of your life.

Yet, in truth, they are not the master. You are, instead, the master of them.

Even the mind and/or the body may desire to take over and lead you in whatever direction in which they desire; the fleshly state is powerful and has its own agenda.

However, meditating brings you to a deep understanding that you do not have to allow these things to control you or to master you. You, instead, are given by divine right the ability and power to control these very aspects of yourself in the physical world.

You are a spiritual being deeply powerful and able to manipulate energy to manifest at will. So, although the energy associated with emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings may be strong, you are even more masterful of these powers.

Meaning: you can use the energy of these frequencies to rise above them. You can channel them, release them, or use them for something else. You are not a victim or a subject to your emotions, thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. They are instead the subjects of your high court.

Meditation helps you to understand this power. Meditation helps you to harness this power. Meditation helps you to see clearly that you are the observer of these energies, and that you have the power to master them.

By mastering them, you are no longer subject to their inconsistencies, impulses, or grips on reality. You no longer feel the need to act upon any one emotion uncontrollably. Instead, you will have the power to see them how they are and thus have the ability to make your own decisions based on your ultimate truth, subsequently.

With consistent daily practice, meditation makes you more resilient, more masterful, more understanding of self and others, more observant, more in tune with truth, and more authentic.

It is this time of mental and emotional stilling that births a master of the self — one that is no longer left to the whims of constant emotional fluctuation.

Instead, you will see this change and let it be without indulging it. You will be able to notice any shifts and not feed them. You will, instead, begin to redirect your attention where it’s most serving.

And with time, these fluctuations will become less strong — they will battle less for space within you. With time, you will notice how able you are to direct and create your life how you will it through divine right.

Know that with Infinite Spirit by your side, you can conquer any obstacle, set back, impulse, and more. And with the help of God, you can master yourself. By joining in union with Source energy through meditation — silent or others — you will know and master this power.

By allowing the self to be open to the practice of meditation daily, even if for a few minutes, you allow yourself to receive God’s wisdom, to know yourself, and to receive answers to the questions you seek. This communion brings forth an authentic and perfect expression of self, an insightful understanding of self and the world around you, and fosters a deeper connection with all.

God’s will is the will of connection, prosperity, joy, and care — derivatives of divine love. With the practice of meditation, you will be guided by this will, to more readily receive what is yours by divine right, and to live a more engaged, awakened, and non-attached life.

It may not happen overnight. But, if you’ve ever desired to embark on a path of freedom from the confides, impulses, and intense fluctuations of the mind, emotions, and the body, then start with meditation. Such sparks the beginning of a life well lived — intentionally, abundantly, and in tune with your divinity which you so seek.




Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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Nayo Shell

Nayo Shell

Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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