One of the Biggest Life Lessons: Living in a Constant Meditation

I was recently shaken yet humbled and centered. I was reminded that life is to be lived in constant meditation. That life is breath, and such is the meditation.

Meditation isn’t restricted to merely sitting in one place for a few minutes. It’s every step, every breath, every decision, and every thought we think.

A mind in meditation — present moment awareness — is the root of our existence. We can choose to be in the present, or we can choose to be consumed by our past and future. Of the options we have, all are made in the here and now.

I was reminded that when we allow ourselves to listen to our inner authority, we are allowing ourselves to exist in a constant mindful state — where the heart, gut, and mind are balanced as one. Here is where the true nature of the soul can exude its gifts of connection, service, and harmony.

With this, allow your next meal to be a meditation, sensing each flavor as every chew is a mindful practice.

Allow your next walk to be a meditation, using your senses to feel and interact with all that is around you.

Allow your next shower to be a meditation, feeling the water trickle down each crevice of your body, as you thank it for cleansing your skin.

Allow your next silent moment to be a meditation where you embrace your feelings, accept yourself, and are filled with divine presence.

By remembering this, by knowing this, and by living our daily lives in meditation, we begin to live a life of gratitude and presence, allowing our inner truths to shine through.

Although we may have been told that our reality is about having it all figured out or constantly keeping busy — it isn’t. In turn, it’s about knowing our truth, creating our reality, and sharing the gifts of our souls. And to do so we must become present, return to ourselves, know ourselves, listen to ourselves, and unite with our inner divinity.

Living in a constant mindful state allows us to know who we truly are and who we’ve always been.

Be tender with yourself as you explore this path. When you find yourself wandering too far in the past or future, gently bring your consciousness to the here and now – where it all begins.

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Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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Nayo Shell

Nayo Shell

Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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