Shifting Self-Narratives and Self-Identity in the Midst of Oppression

[Originally written in May 2020, inspired by outrage]

I recently refused to identify myself with the nouns that described an oppressed person. This does not mean that I neglect or ignore history or current happenings, it simply means that I no longer choose to identify myself as the oppressed.

Although the authoritative powers that be (in this society, its people with money, power, and status used for exploitative, manipulative, and often self-serving gain) continue to use systems such as manipulation, fear, self-hate, intra- and inter-group hate, phenotypic differences, policing, violence, displacement, community/urban/regional planning, entertainment, and spells to keep the veil of oppression masked as willful assimilation, I still choose to change the narrative within my own mind. I choose to no longer identify as a victim that needs the oppressors to correct their wrongs and change the system they built (that works perfectly for them) for my justice and liberation.

I choose to recognize my own power that was once silenced only to bubble its way back up to the surface. I do not deny my history or my ancestors’ history. Instead, I use this history to power my r/evolution of self-identity, power, and self-fortitude. I choose to rebuild my foundation on the power and strength that my ancestors bore so as to remind myself of my own resilience and that of my community.

The oppressed are many. The oppressed are powerful. The oppressed are resilient. The oppressed are mighty, individually and collectively. And it is through the r/evolution of the inner self-narrative, relationship to self, God and the collective, and the r/evolution of what empowers an entire nation of oppressed people to achieve (not just fight for) liberation.

A r/evolution of our reality has to come with a r/evolution of the self. For even if we fight and win for our authoritative structures to concede to our demands for justice, peace, and liberation if we internally (within ourselves and our communities) do not know what it means to experience and cultivate peace and liberation within, then what might we rebuild in place of the fallen structures?

Empires have risen and fallen countless times throughout history. And if we choose to learn nothing, they will continue to do such. However, the primary question begs, how will we rebuild anew? What new systems might we use? How will we identify ourselves, refer to our fellow community members, ensure we all have equitable access to all things needed to lead a healthy and active lifestyle filled with creativity, freedom, and well-being for all?


I find liberation to be a topic of diverse discussion. We know what it means by definition and we often see it redefined as life evolves. We use it to describe things such as time freedom, location independence, financial freedom, freedom from torture, slavery and violence, freedom to freely create, freedom to express, and freedom to choose the lives we want to live in accordance to our felt purpose and inner guidance.

On this journey, I find it necessary to redefine what freedom/liberation means to the self. Such definition can evolve as does life, however, the liberation that is sought outside of the self due to perceived and/or real oppression cannot come without a liberation of the self.

A liberation of the self may come with many layers — a need to heal past, ancestral and lived trauma, a need to build up and master tools of self-healing, energy medicine, and emotional intelligence. Such allows for emotional freedom and not suppression or stagnation which is often needed to sustainably exist in the current oppressive system.

What happens when one cannot fully explore, be and allow the self to live and be well? Blockages, grievances, regrets, frustrations, anxiety, missed opportunities, heartbreaks, pain, and repetitive inner narratives that plunge the self and communities deeper into a pit of abysmal despair.

Truth is, we all walk around with our personal demons created from emotionally trapped weight and thought patterns that feed off our energetic flesh like leeches and vampires. Whether inherited, given, or self-imposed, we give them (the demons) a warm, filling, and comfortable place to live as we plunge ourselves, our communities, and our surroundings deeper into victimhood, hate, and oppression as we seek assistance from the very beings that enjoy our pain.

Who loves it more when the oppressed oppress themselves? Who loves it more when an entire nation of power, fortitude, and strength believes that they are powerless? Who benefits the most when individuals that make up the collective never awaken to the pure consciousness and creative genius that they are?

How interesting life gets when one starts to pull back their own veil of oppressive identity, self-hating practices, and fear-based living to see life for its truth. Frustration, anger, and a desire to take immediate action can fuel the newly actualized soul. It only makes sense right?

For at this point you have realized that your entire existence has been fed by lies only to keep you docile and subservient. Unconscious and consuming of the same energy that holds you in that docile and subservient place.

From the food you eat, the media you consume, the thoughts you think, the attention/action you give your body (temple), your connection with the natural world, and your relationship to your surrounding environment all play a role in the various aspects of self-identity.

Now you might be thinking, well it’s not my fault that I am/was oppressed.

True. The powers that be enjoy your oppression. Thus, they can and will do what is needed to keep you there, whether given or self-imposed. But how much control do you have over your mindset, your energy, and your decision? Many were not taught that you can control all of those aspects of yourself whether it be in school (another successful oppressive tool) or in your community (which has been manipulated exceedingly well by generations to identify as the oppressed), or even at home.

So how can we know that we are actual children of God, that we are actually made of the same substance of God, that God and the Kingdom of Heaven lives WITHIN us (not outside, not up there, but within)? These realizations fuel an expansion of self outside of the oppressive narrative.


What I’m trying to emphasize here is that all of this is one big mind trick (better yet, mind fuck) that has deeply embedded itself within our subconscious mind, our organs, our cells, and our energetic aura. Therefore, breaking free and achieving liberation takes more than repeating a few mantras each day and/or hoping for the best and/or not giving a fuck and/or demanding for external change while changing nothing within.

I will say this now: the system of oppression that is now is working just as it was designed to. It has confused many and deeply embedded itself within every fabric of our society and version of reality. But again, revisiting the idea of removing our own veil of “willful assimilation” that encourages us to accept the system that is and make gradual (and manipulated) changes with time to the system that was built perfectly, we find that we are 100% responsible for shifting our mindsets.


You can remove the veil that they didn’t want you to or expect you to. You must begin the process of shifting your mindset. It’s almost like resetting or recalibrating your DNA and reactivating your atoms. This recalibration even energizes the spaces between your atoms. How amazing!

This is the power of taking back control of your mind and mindset. As you gradually work with yourself to heal yourself in totality, you are shedding all the old you, energetically and more that 100% no longer serves any part of the self both physically and energetically.

This journey is not one to be compared with others. Your journey is personal, liberating, and filled with a re-identification of the self. This system undoes to redo anew. This journey is a powerhouse for change, empowerment, justice, and the liberation you seek in any way that you do.

The way that the veil lifts is unique for each person. It could be an awakening in the middle of the night that tips your world upside down, a life event, something you said, heard or learned that resonates deeper than you could ever imagine. What matters is the lifting of the veil from your eyes, ears, mouth, and/or any way that you sense and perceive information.

The next step is vital. Do you try to ignore your awakening and go back to your docile and subservient life only to constantly know that it isn’t right? Or do you press forward into the abyss of r/evolution that is one of the only constants of life?

Change is inevitable. But how do you choose to encounter it? Embrace or fear? Accept or suppress? Learn or ignore? Take the power of your r/evolution and use it to your advantage or shy away from yourself?

We get to choose, we get to change, and we get to shift on a daily basis as life is granted to us yet again to acknowledge ourselves and our souls’ mission. What an honor to be here. And what an honor it is for you to read this.

Your shifting mindset liberates you from within. And with every action towards self-liberation, your community feels it, knows it, and liberates with you.

Welcome to self-mastery: From veil to unencumbered consciousness.

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Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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Nayo Shell

Nayo Shell

Founder of the Meditation Matters Podcast & EcoWell Co. platform. Writer, environmentalist, and self-healing proponent. Explore:

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